Will You Commit to Making Electrical Safety a Goal in 2021?

Your life could depend on it!  Have you and your...

by Stacey Azure

Your life could depend on it!

 Have you and your family set goals for 2021? At Franklin PUD we have a plan that outlines our top priorities. It’s called our Strategic Plan. Within the plan we have goals and tactics that help us stay focused on what we want to accomplish. One of our tactics is to support and educate our customers on the importance of electrical safety. 

We hope that you make it a goal to stay safe around electricity, be aware of the dangers around you, and take all precautions necessary to provide a safe household and workplace. It can be easy to take electricity for granted, but using it safely is very important. An estimated 53,000 home electrical fires occur in U.S. homes each year. Nearly one-third of these fires happen during the winter months. Most of these can be avoided by taking simple safety precautions.

Throughout 2021 we will provide tips on what to look out for and how you can make improvements to your safety habits. From installing outlet covers, to yard safety, and how to be prepared in case of an outage – we’ve got you covered. And we have fun stuff for the kids so they can get involved too! 

Please follow us on social media and log-on to our blog site for important tips, articles, and links to resources that can help you stay safe. We will continue our safety messages in this Hotline newsletter and included in bill inserts. 

Make it a goal to educate your family, friends and co-workers about how to stay safe around electricity and guard your home and business against electrical hazards. Just one electrical related injury in our community is too many. You have the power to stay safe around electricity! Let’s work together to make it happen!