Top 10 Hacks to Keep You Cool During This Heat Wave!

Yes…looking at the forecast this morning made us sweat just...

by Stacey Azure

Yes…looking at the forecast this morning made us sweat just thinking about going outside. The Tri-Cities is known for the heat but that doesn’t mean you ever really get used to it! With that being said, everyone always seems to have their favorite way to keep cool when things really heat up. So we found some fun and unique ways to stay cool in these scorching temperatures.

  1. This first summer hack comes from our friends at the website 80’s Kids, meaning if you’re like me, your 40 something right now and that means you’re probably not tollerating the heat as easy as when you were 12 or so in the 80’s! Our favorite from this top 10 list…not surprisingly the wine pops!
Who doesn’t love wine pops? Just make sure you don’t mix them up with the kids pops! Enjoy!

2. This next hack is one we really love and it only requires a water bottle, some simple tools and a hair bit of patience…oh and a fan too! Check out this YouTube video on how to create your own cooling system. You won’t believe how good this one will make your feel!

Create your own cooling system!

3. These next hacks needed science to make them come to fruition. We found 10 ways that have been scientifically proven to keep you cool in the Summer heat. See what you think? Our favorite one from this top 10 list was eat spicy food. Huh?

4. These next hacks to keep you cool come from our Amigos over that blog site Mental Floss. If flossing your brain doesn’t sound fun, I hope keeping cool does. Some of our favorites from this list included the popular tips like : close the curtains, shut the blinds and make sure your fan is running counter clock wise. But my favorite was one I’d never heard before. Run next to a body of water.

Yep running next to a body of water can actually keep you cool!

Since we’ve got a pretty long one in the Tri-Cities named the Columbia River, we included this hack. They also said wrapping yourself in a cold and wet blanket is a good idea. You may have to do that after a jog in the 105 degree weather. Our recommendation is to save your jog for early morning or closer to 8 p.m.

5. These next hacks come from the YouTube Site Household Hacker. These guys must know something about hacks because they’ve got 5 million subscribers! My favorite one from this list is one I plan to try out because I already have the supplies. All you need is some ice, a glass pan and a fan and you’re hot days are over.

It’s not fancy but boy does this work!

6. Chilling your bed sheets may give snuggling with your boo a whole new meaning. You’re definitely going to need a partner in bed once you’ve finished this hack! It’s pretty simple really. Check out these tricks from our friends at Sleep Cavern!

Chilling your bedsheets is pretty straightforward when a freezer is involved!

7. This could be the funnest way to keep cool this summer and keep the kids busy at the same time. Check out these 8 at home sprinklers from Home and Garden. By now quarentine probably has you crazy! So we found these fun ways to create your own sprinkler for the kids to run through on a hot day. There’s still a lot of hot days left in the Tri-Cities. So here are several projects to make the days go by faster!

Yep…you can create magic with a water bottle!

8. When you’re hot there’s nothing better than a cool drink. Here’s 40 Summer Drink Recipes to quench your thirst from the website DIY Crafts. Our favorite was the homemade Orange Julius! Enjoy!

You can make your own Orange Julius!

9. Here’s a fun way to create your own AC unit!

10. This company makes air-conditioning clothing. So if nothing else works, we are sure this will! If you’re interested in buying some of these breezy tops and bottoms check out the website Oddity Mall where the stuff on here is somewhat weird. But kinda cool at the same time:).

Yes these coats have a fan in them!