Spring In to Energy Savings

It's time to prepare for the warm summer months!

by Stacey Azure

Man grilling

Tune-Up the AC
An AC Tune-up is the best way to say hello to spring. Is important to have your AC unit inspected and maintained before the weather gets too hot, any repairs are best handled before temperatures rise. 

Think Thermostat 
Set manual thermostats to 78 degrees for peak efficiency. For extra savings, set the temperature higher when no one’s home and make sure you close all doors and windows on your way out.

Watch the Windows
Windows are the easiest way for heat to make its way inside your home, so make sure to strategically plant shady shrubs and trees, or set up awnings or screens to serve as an extra layer of protection. Leave blinds open to take advantage of natural light during the day.

Weatherize your Home
Summer is also a popular time for thunderstorms and flooding. To ensure you do not experience water damage, seal any cracks and leaks-especially in your basement, get your roof and gutters checked and properly seal your windows.

Change your Ceiling Fan Direction
Yes, your ceiling fan is designed to rotate differently on the season. In winter months, it should rotate clockwise to help distribute heat that is risen. In the summer, you should run your fan counter-clockwise to get a breeze going.

Focus on the Fridge
Proper cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator, dusting and deep cleaning coils will allow air to circulate and therefore reduce energy consumption.

Fire up the Grill
Reduce the temperature inside your home by using an outdoor smoker or grill instead of the oven or stove.