Low-Income Discounts Available

We offer two types of discounts to our customers. We...

by Stacey Azure

We offer two types of discounts to our customers. We have a Low-Income Senior discount which is available to customers over the age of 62 who meet income guidelines. A monthly discount of either 15% or 30% is offered. Your discount level will be based upon your total annual household income. We also offer a discount for our Low-Income Disabled customers. For this discount there is no age requirement. A monthly discount of 30% is offered for those who meet program and income guidelines. For both discounts your income will need to be certified through the Sustainable Living Center. (Don’t worry. We’ll help you through this.)

To make the process easier for our customers, we will collect and help process your income certifications at our main Franklin PUD office. You will begin by calling Customer Service at 509-547-5591 to let them know you are interested in discounts and they will let you know what paperwork is needed for your income certification. You will simply bring your required documents to our drive thru window and a representative will assist in making sure you have everything, and even make copies of the documents if you need them to!  

For more detailed information along with required certified documents and income guidelines, visit our website at www.franklinpud.com/programs-services. You may also call and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives at 509-547-5591.

Applicant must have service under Rate Schedule No 1: Residential and Small Farm Service.